Heeyz! Like always I'm not too much around here. ( 😭 )
I'm really sorry, but lately I had so much going on in my life.
 May was such a hard month. I was working so much, so many hours and plus I had to pack all my house, in my little spare time, because at the beginning of June I would have to move!  I was quite sad to leave my house because I was living there already two years so I'm gonna miss it at this point. Now, I am in my new house.. Still have to unpack a lot of stuff, but when its done I will take some pictures and post here for you ♥

The best part of May was from 21st till the end of the month. Me, my boyfriend and some friends we decided to make a trip around Europe in 2 weeks. The time was short, but we tried to make the best of it! We started of course with France, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and we finished in Croatia. So far my favorite was Croatia ♥ I had the best time ever, was such a great adventure and I would do it again! 
Soon I will create a post about this europe trip!
This trip was fantastic to relief from all the stress.