My honest opinion about Berlin, Germany. | Things to do in Berlin if you are visiting for few hours.

On the InterRail trip we stopped in Berlin, Germany and as I was expecting Berlin
 didn't surprise me that much.
It was good to see the monuments and stuff such as Brandenburg Gate and we had a great time- BUT


About last night: Cypress Hill

cypress hill image

blunt and cypress hill image

chain, cholo, and gif image

Who doesn't want to see cypress hill live? Everybody does! 
It happened to me yesterday night at O2 academy in Brixton.
Since long time I was listening their music and was such a pleasure to see them so close in their 25th anniversary!

After the concert we've decided to pass by David Bowie Memorial in Brixton.


what inspires me last days?

1. Collect postcards

2. Eat Ice Creams

3. White Converse All Star

4.  Shinny eye shadow

5. Contouring


Luxury thoughts: Balmain

BALMAIN it's one of my favorites brands of 2016. 
It's so easy to create outfits with their pieces. Every item is so special and unique. I just love the way they mix textures, the beaded work, the cutting, the fluent use of gold... I wish it was affordable.
I would definitely slay this thing! 


From London to Amsterdam by bus | What to do in Amsterdam? Where to stay?

In March 2015 I had few days off together and I've decided to go to Amsterdam by bus!
The price was cheap with megabus services, but honestly, I'm not sure if would do it again.
MegaBus can be very uncomfortable sometimes and plus it took us 11 hours
from London to Amsterdam.
When crossing the border we had to show our passports at the control area, so make sure you don't forget your documents.
Police will inspect you and a dog will smell you.

The journey was over night so we got there at 9 am .
The good thing about it it's the early arrival and the cheap fare.
I would not do it again 11 hours journey with megabus,
 but the trip was so amazing!
Amsterdam its lovely!!!
Things to do in Amsterdam:
1. Have Breakfast at Langendijk.
If you come with Megabus, the final bus stop in Amsterdam its close to this bar. You just need to cross the bridge and if you keep walking straight



An overview about my europe trip and interrail pass.
The nicest way to explore Europe is with the EuroRail Pass which means you are free to explore europe by train. 

It's the opportunity to see amazing places, take thousands of pictures, make friends around the world, learn new words in other language, learn another culture,  try delicious traditional food, create stories to tell,  see things you never did and fall in love with cities!

Later I will do a post for each country where I was.
Check bellow to see how the pass looks like!
When you go to their website to order your pass you will have two options to choose from. 
There's the Global Pass, which allows you to travel all the countries (up to 30) you want to, or the One Country Pass which allows you to explore deeply that big country you've always wanted to visit from north to south, for example: Italy or Norway - in my opinion this pass must be worth it there. There's so much to see, so much to do and so many cities.

5 days within 15 days under 25 years old,

Pink vibes

 I'm so obsessed with pink lately! Such a romantic and soft color. So classic when we talk about fashion and so peaceful just to look at it!



Heeyz! Like always I'm not too much around here. ( 😭 )
I'm really sorry, but lately I had so much going on in my life.
 May was such a hard month. I was working so much, so many hours and plus I had to pack all my house, in my little spare time, because at the beginning of June I would have to move!  I was quite sad to leave my house because I was living there already two years so I'm gonna miss it at this point. Now, I am in my new house.. Still have to unpack a lot of stuff, but when its done I will take some pictures and post here for you ♥

The best part of May was from 21st till the end of the month. Me, my boyfriend and some friends we decided to make a trip around Europe in 2 weeks. The time was short, but we tried to make the best of it! We started of course with France, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and we finished in Croatia. So far my favorite was Croatia ♥ I had the best time ever, was such a great adventure and I would do it again! 
Soon I will create a post about this europe trip!
This trip was fantastic to relief from all the stress.