London Fashion Weekend | Catwalk and Last Trends 2016

...............My first time at a Fashion Show.........
Some inspiring pictures, special moments with my best friend and the last trends straight from the runaway, here in my blog.

London Fashion Weekend was something that i always dreamed about and finally i had the opportunity to come! Its addictive! I feel like I could repeat this day every single day. I loved the environment. Everyone  was dressed up so nice trying to make a difference somehow.
 A lot of mixed cultures and languages, but all of us with one comum thing - a passion for fashion. 
I was so happy my best friend came from Portugal to London to share this experience with me.
We had the opportunity to see newest trends, shop exclusive offers
over 150 brands, trendy catwalk show and we got designer tote bag with lots of goodies.
Its feel good to enjoy a first look at the key trends this season by professional stylish.
Hope you get inspired with some of my pictures.

In ♥ with the earrings. 

Waiting for the catwalk.
Bright colors, graphic stamps, embroidery clothes everywhere.

Stone and marble effects are thumbs up!!

American style: Inspired by USA, this season colors are red, white and blue. 
Stars and stripes are the new graphic content, AGAIN. Sooner will be the British Flag, i'm sure.
**  Fashion's always going around and coming around, but with some little changes and updates **
For this SSS2016, I almost feel like we're all in California wearing a beach-friendly tank top, comfy denim shorts and a nice pair of sandals.
DENIM textures are so typical from American style so this year we should use and abuse. I've seen DENIM everywhere from Jackets, Bags, dresses, jeans, hair accessories, skirts, shorts to pillows! 
I always loved a pair of denim jeans and it looks like the collegiate/varsity jackets are back again such as bottom up tailored jackets.
Make sure you wear a bit of old-fashion america  into your looks wearing tassel/fringe pieces, for example a suede skirt or t-shirt. Or if your outfit its too simple and you want to make difference somehow go for a long tassel handbag or lace up shoes. 

Floral/Botanicals and Super Retro: Its spring season!
Floral-patterned will make you feel like a piece from mother nature.
Printed or embroidered, both are beautiful!
The 70's were one of the strongest fashion trends in history and they're are back with some psychedelic and boho prints that remind us hippie times and good vibes. 
Maxi dresses, bell bottom denim jeans and collar necks attacked the catwalks in such a good way!
Make contrast with 
 oversized outwear and patchwork - they will be on top this season!
POP ART Style: In the 60's, Pop Art showed up as critical mass consumption that even the Campbell's soup cans were transformed into piece of art in 62 by the american artist Andy Warhol. Few years later POPART invited the fashion world. YSL was the first stylish with the Pop Art trend creating "The Mondrian Dress". Again in 2016 POPART's in our catwalks.
Pop Art is a combination of colors - the brighter the better with this new trend. Dress head-to-toe colorful wrapping it into sensational and bold color combinations. Wear  cartoon/cosmic graphics and advertise banal objects. MOSCHINO's very good doing that!  
New Romance: Put your romantic feelings into your wardrobe
. This style is very delicate and feminine. Ruffles became a key trend and the more, the better.
 Also lace, see-through, tulle and silk materials are overcrowding the runways.
 Its going from black looks to very light and pastel tons such as nude which are very soft and elegant.
 This trend is so perf for a classic party.  

(Catwalk pictures are not mine, if its yours and you want me to remove, totally understandable. 
Or send me your photography website so i can share the rights :)