February was a nice month! Longer this year..
Although all lot of stress, all the work, I tried to have as much fun as i could!
Rest in peace to my bank account due to all those birthdays, events and meetings 
but i think it was
worth it.
This month i had few important birthdays such as my boyfriend, my friend Hilda and my auntie and cousin back in Portugal. Wish you all the best! 
\m/ On the 9th i went to Slipknot Concert at Alexandra Palace ... Super DOPE. \m/
My Valentines was very cozy and romantic. My partner got me adorable flowers and a bottle of Prosecco with a very tasty dinner! I absolutely love to receive flowers, makes me feel special and beautiful like them. 
By the end of the month my best friend came to London! It  was super exciting to spend some time with her after months! We had so much fun together, including we went to London Fashion Weekend. Fantastic experience that i want to repeat again and again. 
Hello March, be even better.