February was a nice month! Longer this year..
Although all lot of stress, all the work, I tried to have as much fun as i could!
Rest in peace to my bank account due to all those birthdays, events and meetings 
but i think it was

Monday Fashion Crush: Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang was born December 26, 1983 in San Francisco, California, to Taiwanese-American parents and he is an American fashion designer. 


Monday Interior Designer Crush: Jeff Andrews

I love how he plays around with every single thing in the room creating some kind of connection in the space, such as color, material, patterns and textures.
 He has a different way to think and that inspires me. 



My trip to Iceland in January 2016 | Experience, Tips, Facts, Budget

Iceland was a huge challenge for me. It was one of the hardest trips to plan till now maybe cause its a totally different country than what i am used to go on holidays. 
Iceland is expensive, the weather changes in seconds and its hard to choose the right time for some available tours. 
We went in January 2016 i can say the weather wasnt so cold as i was expecting - but it was cold!
Check here what to pack for Iceland!

Me and my partner tried to do as much as possible in a budget such as buying tickets in advance, eating sometimes food from supermarket, cheap hotels and more.


Monday Fashion Crush: Kendall Jenner.

Kendall Jenner has been lately one of my fashion inspirations. Her face is absolutely stunning and natural. The way she dresses is something special. She goes to very simple outfits, but after she adds some details that makes difference. She was born in