What to pack for a trip to Iceland?

 I am travelling to Iceland in less than 2 weeks and i am staying for 5 nights. Im super anxious about it that i am even gonna write this post today. 
In this post i will talk about goodies that you will need over there based in my searches and my opinion.
Iceland is a very out of control country in terms of weather{ same as azores} , but more extreme. So you can have all kinds of season in one day. Its mostly windy, it rains a lot and
snows. I am going in a low season - winter, which is from October to April, so i get highly chances to see the northern lights, due to only 5 hours of sun.

If you want to skip a long text, just read my highlights with purple color.
Warm clothes and comfy are highly recommended. So please make you go prepared. 
I made a collage about important things you must buy it and pack it. Do not forget them.
 Starting with thermals. Use and abuse of them.
 Get like 2 pairs of leggings and 2 long sleeve thermals.
Always wear them under all your clothes. 
Something else important its a waterproof, snowproof, windproof, rainproof jacket. Yes, proof all the ways. ski jackets ARE the perfect choice. You can find them at SportsDirect, Northface, O'neil and others sporty shops.
In Iceland, I'm sure you will be exited to do some tours like ice caves, ice hiking, ski, whatever, so i am gonna recommend you to get some good quality, comfy & waterproof hiking boots, some goggles, in order to protect your eyes from the cold and wind; take along sunglasses for sunny hours; bring as well your lip balm and hand cream to prevent dry lips and skin; also get a backpack to carry your things on long tours like  snacks, water, your camera, your phone, etc. Its very useful! 
Attach to your bag a flashlight if you going on winter season.

♥ ♥ some inspiring pics between this text ♥ ♥

While in Iceland you should  
be covered in layers and layers of clothes.
I would say to wear the thermal first, after a layer of a fashion long sleeve top or knitwear or a fleece , a cardigan and finally(or not)  your jacket. 
Dont forget about warm goodies, like gloves, wool beanies, earmuffs, wool scarfs and socks - They gonna protect the most sensible parts. BUT  ↬ Just in case, before you get sick, get prepared!
So it matters a lot that you bring a little medicine bag with some flue pills and others.
Do not fail to remember that icelandic people are very fashion so you must be as well.
 Dont use tourism as an excuse! :P  Abuse in colorful jackets and accessories,
 for exemple: aztec patterns are typical from their culture and you can find them everywhere even in primark to wear it as final layer! 
Pack at least two pair of jeans, maybe black and other delightful color. Why not? Or you could go for some powerful attractive  gym leggings. like this one:
MAKE SURE about:
- swimwear -
pack your swimsuit, bikinis, shorts because you are about to enjoy such natural hot springs everywhere in Iceland. You've got for example Blue Lagoon, one of the 25 wonders of of the world, its a geothermal Spa with delightful views and relaxing swimming pool.
- and -
- a watch -
This country is different from mostly all the other ones! In winter season the moon will be up all day and all night. You will have only few hours of sunshine between sunrise and sunset. 
And in summer will be the opposite. Its highly recommended to have a watch, cause you wont know the time by looking at the sky/weather.
I recommend a good quality camera to catch some breathtaking moments like northern lights and amazing landscapes.
IMPORTANT: bring a pile of  sd cards.
Your memory will get suddenly full. And so i learned this one with my last trip to Mykonos (check here my trip to Mykonos). We were out of memory in second day and we didnt have any laptop or pen drive to transfer the pictures, so we had to spend around 15 euros in a new sd card. Extremely expensive.
Another advice: Before you get to sleep, have a look in your pictures and delete the bad ones. After that, charge all ur stuff while you sleep.
Bring also a portable charger. 
This is like the best purchase i ever did! 
In all my trips or even if i am running late somewhere and i need battery on my phone, i just plug the device into it, so i am not going to be in rush anymore. If you are like me while travelling, im sure you will take thousands of pictures, so your battery will die very soon
There they use europlugs, make sure you bring one to  prevent disappointment. 

remember: what about dirty clothes and underwear? get some plastic bags for it.
In iceland they have their own currency - ISK - Exchange your money

*. In the collage i did, doesnt mean that i've got the same items as picture or it doesnt mean that you must buy that ones, but i would say something similar... That its just to give you an idea. thanks

What do you think about my post? Would you recommend something else? Have you ever been in Iceland? 

♥ ♥ ♥  | Lista rápida em português | ♥ ♥ ♥ 

1. Leggings e blusas térmicas | 2. Casacos Prova d'agua  | 3. Botas de caminhada | 
4. Oculos de proteção | 5. Oculos de sol | 6. Batom para lábios secos |
7. Creme hidratante para as mãos | 8. Mochila | 9. Lanterna |
  10. Roupa de malhã ou lã | 11. Luvas | 12. Gorros |
13. Proteção para orelhas | 14. Cachecóis de lã | 15. Piúgos quentes |
16. Bolsa com comprimidos | 17. Padrões aztec/geométricos | 18. Calças de ganga |
  19. Bikinis | 20. Relógio | 21. Camera fotográfica |
22. Cartões de memória | 23. Carregadores portáteis | 24. Adaptador europeu |
25. Sacos de plástico 
O que achas sobre o meu artigo? Recomendas algo mais? Já estiveste na Islândia?