What to pack for a trip to Iceland?

 I am travelling to Iceland in less than 2 weeks and i am staying for 5 nights. Im super anxious about it that i am even gonna write this post today. 
In this post i will talk about goodies that you will need over there based in my searches and my opinion.
Iceland is a very out of control country in terms of weather{ same as azores} , but more extreme. So you can have all kinds of season in one day. Its mostly windy, it rains a lot and

what inspires me last days

1. Ice and glacier pictures
2. X mas trees and gifts!
 3. Play GTA V
 4. Welcome 2016 
 5. Inside corner egypt inspired make up


Bae got me a new jacket

I am absolutely in love with this online excluvise leather suede orange coat in a knee-lengh construction from URBAN OUTFTTERS (Woah, finally i've got something from this shop!), finisedh with a double peak collar, pocket at the hip and a waist tie belt. Perfect for all seasons.  The material is gorgeous and the color is delightful!  Reminds me 70's style!

Wanna buy it? HERE.
Definitely, i must buy some gloves.

1st january 2016 - happy new year

- 1st January 2016 - 
Highly perspectives for this year. Please be a good year, make all my wishes happen, make my relationship stronger than yesterday, make me work less and have more money. Bring me good opportunities and make my family and close friends happy.
Delete the fake ones from my life and i hope to meet nice people! 
- and -
travel a lot!