My trip to Mykonos, Greece

Χαίρετε! ♥  i am really excited that finally i am writing about my best trip ever: Mykonos, Greece back in May 2015.
I have to say that i never been in such amazing place in my whole life.
Lets start from the begging... i never heard about Mykonos before.
One day, i was searching easyjet's website -  hottest destinations - and mykonos was one of the suggestions. The fact that was a Greek island made me so excited.
In fact I wanted to go to Santorini (and i will!), but after i found out they've got black sand i wanted something different!
(That's because i am from Azores, Portugal and we've got black sand as well >. > '' )
After searching pictures like that on google, i made my decision!
I booked my tickets 2 months in advance. The sooner you buy the cheaper will be. It was around 120£ more or less from London Gatwick to Mykonos, Greece with return. 

Its amazing place if you need to relax and escape from chaos. Its lovely for couples! Be aware that Mykonos, its not like Ibiza! 
Its a little bit expensive island, but you must understand that Greece economy's really bad, so the tourism's the only way they can make money. 
The capital of the island is called "Chora" and its very small. You might get a little bit confused and lost in the beginning  because all the houses/streets look the same - white and blue. AND ITS LOVELY ♥ 
I recommend to get MAP, because Google Maps can't get to this little small streets. There's only like 2 or 3 big roads in town that you can drive. 
booked my hotel here ->  www.booking.com <- and i catch up some last minute discount or something like that - We paid for 4 nights less than 200£  for a suite room with side view to Mediterranean Ocean. I absolutely give 5 starts to "DAMIANOS HOTEL". CLICK HERE for more info about it. The hotel has got swimming pool, sun lounge, delicious buffet breakfast, amazing view (located in a mountain), free wifi, amazing service and Thanos, the owner, he picks you up from airport and he drops you back again for free. He is really helpful and friendly, he give us a little tour and explanation about the island!! 
The distance from hotel to central its like 5-7 minutes if you go through a shortcut. 

If you go in Mykonos i would recommend to hire a motorbike if you have time to explore all island. But, the most important part of the island its chora and the south coast, where are the best beaches.

 Just catch the bus and u have some money.
If you need some indications about bus times, you can check here.
Elia's Beach & Mykonos Windmills and  little venice are a must!
Advice: go in groceries shops. Believe it or not but thought groceries shops you can learn a lot of culture from around the world. You can have some ideia of what is local and tradicional. 
After think about quality and prices from the places you already been - thats culture! 
 Price of food  and drinks will depend where you are.
Cocktails will be around 9 to 12 euros.
 If you eat in very central next to seaside the price will be much expensive than eating at a small bar between all those tinny streets in balcony which is lovely as well!

| A dish of sardines and wine was around 17 euros next to seaside. |
| A dish burguer + chips + drink was less than 6 euros. |

90% its fresh food, not frozen. 
 You can get at Elia's Beach food service while you are at the beach relaxing. They've got their staff around the beach taking and serving our orders. A greek salad was 9 or 12 euros.
The "bad" part of this beach was some thai and Chinese people bothering you all the time if you want a massage. (LOL)

♥ ♥ ♥ ANYWAY ♥ ♥ ♥
 Sunset in the island its perfect and sky turns all pink and orange. 
<3 You just gonna fall in love. <3
Any question? Thank you :)