high neck top - 90's style

Hello ♥ Today's post is about something that i used to hate when i was little - high neck tops - because they were super uncomfortable, horrible-looking and i was always scratching myself. BUT i think the problem was actually the material...it was like needles or "straw" into my neck ( ;__; )
Those tops were very comum in the 90s and now they're back much comfier and fashion.
In fashion industry what goes around, comes around. 
In my opinion if you wear a high neck top instead a simple blouse you gonna look so much girly and veeeeeeeery cute.
You must add this to your closet. Its something very basic, but useful to complete an outfit, specially now in autumn/winter.  - Essential colors: black, nude and white.
You will be covered but i promise it will give you a mysterious and smart look.
You will be able to find them in mostly high street shops like topshop, primark, new look, zara, select clothing & online as well for example: www.missguided.com and www.romwe.com 
I give you some ideas and inspiration from street style outfits & some that i did.

♥ ♥ ♥ What you think? Do you have one? How do you like to wear it? ♥ ♥ ♥