You can't forget this!

10 Things you shouldn't forget when u 're leaving:

1. Pajamas (Buy a new ones [rather be fluffy] specially when u're going to a cold country)
2. Heels (In my case, i only can use a Jeffrey Campbell Boots or platform boots. I only feel comfortable with them. Its good to have ur favorite pair with you. You need to be kinda presentable if you are searching for a job.)
3. Perfume (I feel lucky cause i received as x-mas gift the perfume that i want!)
4. Hot Jacket (dont forget to take with you a really hot jacket or pullover)
5. All your documents: Your identity, passport, license drivin, your criminal history, your CV, etc
6. Your ipod with your favorite songs ( so you can listen to music at the airplane, buss, etc )
7. Your Camera (obviously the best camera are our eyes.. but you can remember some moments with a "click")
8. Your sketchbook (i have a diary only about all my travels..one day i will make a post bout it! But a sketchbook is very important, you should take it to everywhere i case you have an idea and so i can write it; draw a random thing; collages)
9. Money (a good amount at your account will help you a lot at beginning)
10. Bring with you happiness, courage and positive vibes