You can't forget this!

10 Things you shouldn't forget when u 're leaving:

1. Pajamas (Buy a new ones [rather be fluffy] specially when u're going to a cold country)
2. Heels (In my case, i only can use a Jeffrey Campbell Boots or platform boots. I only feel comfortable with them. Its good to have ur favorite pair with you. You need to be kinda presentable if you are searching for a job.)
3. Perfume (I feel lucky cause i received as x-mas gift the perfume that i want!)
4. Hot Jacket (dont forget to take with you a really hot jacket or pullover)
5. All your documents: Your identity, passport, license drivin, your criminal history, your CV, etc
6. Your ipod with your favorite songs ( so you can listen to music at the airplane, buss, etc )
7. Your Camera (obviously the best camera are our eyes.. but you can remember some moments with a "click")
8. Your sketchbook (i have a diary only about all my travels..one day i will make a post bout it! But a sketchbook is very important, you should take it to everywhere i case you have an idea and so i can write it; draw a random thing; collages)
9. Money (a good amount at your account will help you a lot at beginning)
10. Bring with you happiness, courage and positive vibes


X-mas gifts

Hi there. Tell me what u received this x-mas! Well, i dont get all i want, but i dont have reasons to reclaim. Im really happy about my gifts. I received a YSL perfume,chocolates and a Chanel lipstick! Yey! The perfume smells so well and his design is so classic. Fuckin'love it. 
Oi aí. Digam-me o que receberam pelo natal! Bem, eu não recebi tudo o que quiz, mas não tenho razoes de queixa. Estou muito contente com os meus presentes. Eu recebi um perfume YSL, chocolates e um batom Chanel! Yey! O perfume cheira tão bem e o seu design é tão classico. Adoro!

Other point i want to refer is about my flight. I feel kinda nervous. It's almost saturday. I never flight alone but i'm excited for this adventure. Never been in England. I think i will love that country. I am mentalized that im gonna miss my friends and my family (things will be hard at this point), but life is about challenges and you have to learn how to break them all. Im happy cause im gonna be with my boyfriend and will start a new life in a new city with someone i love (Oh gosh, this looks like a romantic movie, maybe it is). Everything is gonna be alright. Well, new year, new life. 
Outro ponto que eu quero referir é sobre a minha viagem. Sinto-me um pouco nervosa. É quase sabado! Eu nunca viajei sozinha mas estou exitada por esta aventura. Nunca estive na Inglaterra. Acho que vou adorar aquele país. Estou mentalizada que vou sentir saudades dos meus amigos e da minha familia (as coisas vao ser dificeis neste ponto), mas a vida é feita de desafios e temos que saber como ultrupassar-lhes atodos. Estou contente porque vou estar com o meu namorado e vou começar uma nova vida, numa nova cidade com alguem que gosto (Oh, parece um filme romantico, talvez seja mesmo). Tudo vai correr bem. Ano novo, vida nova.


Merry Christmas to all

| i still remember this day an year ago. Seriously! time goes by so fast. My life changed so much this year and i'm glad that i'm still alive. Merry x-mas to everyone, hope you have a really nice day with your family and abuse yourself in food. Dont forget to be happy to have the ones you love around you. And i hope you receive the gifts that you wished | 
| Eu ainda me lembro deste dia há um ano atrás. A sério! Tempo passa tão rápido. Minha vida mudou tanto este ano e estou feliz porque ainda estou viva. Feliz Natal para todos, espero que tenham um dia bom com a vossa familia e abusem na comida. Não se esqueçam de serem felizes por terem quem vos ama perto de vocês. E eu espero que recebam os presentes que desejam. |


X-mas Wishes

1. Receive a YSL Parisienne perfume [really love this perfume. Days ago i went to PerfumesECompanhia's store and i try it and loved that smell]
 2. Receive a lomography camera [just like the old times]
 3. Get a Chanel lipstick
 4. Gopro camera
 5. film 600 for polaroid [i know, i really love evrything about photography]
 6. Iphone 4S

What inspires me last days

1. Gifts under trees
Nathalie Enman -
2. Feast with family
3. Xmas's mug
4. eating santa chocolates
Strangers Have The Best Candy
5. xmas cakes
Lorraine Engen. -


Round Hats

One accessory that I love: round hat. | Um acessório que eu amo: chapéu redondo.
Get inspired with this outfits.
wild, young  | via Tumblrinstagram.com/badgalfif. | via FacebookKristina Bazan
| Round hat is a classic accessory that was popular between men and women in  50s and 60s. It was clearly visible that only people with money would use this types of hats. [Leather and fur hats, for example]...
| Chapeu redondo é um acessorio clássico que usava-se muito entre homens e mulheres nos anos 50 e 60. Era claramente visivel que só usavam estes tipo de chapeus quem tinha dinheiro. [chapeus de couro e pele, por exemplo]...Desire Dox and hat 🍁🍕✌Hannah | via Tumblr
UntitledDare to be Fashionable(7) TumblrSimple chicLove it 💜instagram.com/badgalfifUntitled
Stores to get one: ROMWE | SEARCH HERE SOME  
Hot Looks, by Hype + Newness | LOOKBOOK
Would you use it? | Tu usavas?nosinmistaconesnosinmistacones
...Fortunately, today already is possible to obtain at low cost with the same materials.
Nowadays, these are no longer used only by the nobility and now cover all types of social class. Hats round, look good in any style from vintage, rocker, a hipster, hippie, etc.. You need only know how to combine what you have right with the dress you are going for the head.
In my opinion, black hats are always good in any set, but I just do not bet on other colors like brown, red wine, orange, patterns, etc.. | 
...Felizmente, hoje já consegue-se obter por um baixo custo com os mesmos materiais.
Hoje em dia,  estes deixaram de ser usados apenas pela nobreza e agora abrangem todo o tipo de classe social. Chapeus redondos, ficam bem em qualquer estilo desde vintage, a roqueira, a hipster, hippie, etc. É preciso apenas saber conjugar direito aquilo que você tem vestido com o que você vai por na cabeça. 
Na minha opinião, chapeus pretos ficam sempre bem em qualquer conjunto, mas não acho justo não apostar em outras cores como castanho, vermelho vinho, laranja, padrões, etc. |


What inspires me last days

1. Smoke CAMEL
 2. black eyeliners
 3. let my nails grow (very hard)
 4. Nights at P3 and Blue Bar
 5. stay all night at laptop talkin with him