I will show you , what are the next trends.. I have felling about what people will use and the new "madness"

I've seen a lot of times this camouflage pattern. I love it.. Looks like a hoster girl... I think this completes a look. You can get it in ZARA (last photo 39,95€) and Pull&Bear stores.. I prefer a jacket instead of pants. This reminds me a bad and a stronge girl. This completes 100% a look!

Now i show the chiffon tissue.. i love it ! i have some chiffon skirts and shirts. it will be so nice if you can fit the clothes right.

Other fashion trend is the american flag. I like to see in other people, specifically in realy american people. I dont like to see in my body. idk why, maybe its because im portuguese. But i have some pictures for inspire you!

The fringed clothes are stunning . A few days ago i cut one old shirt and now it is so fashionable. im always recycle clothes! ♥

"Pop Art Shirts" Pop Art doesn't always wants to means old things and doesn't need to be always the same things, like "tomato soup" , "coca-cola" and "Marilyn Monroe". Pop Art means something that all the worlds knows what it is or who it is. They are universal icons. In our days who dont know who are "The Queen", "The Roling Stones", "Pink Floyd", " Guns n' Roses", "AC/DC" the logo of whisky Jack Daniels  ?

The Aztec Print. This print reminds me Egypt . I love the different colors mixed. Looks like the draws inside of pyramids. 

The Lace Trend should still in you closet! They will not disappear in outwear/winter collection. i love this type of clothes.. they are very laborious . thats why turns classic and fabulous..This work is a reason to look up to!

Floral and Tropical Pattern. Im a little bit tired of "floral print", Now i prefer tropical than floral. Tropical for me its more wild.. more palms , beach , water.. peaceful.. And you? Witch one y prefer?

Crop Top/Bustier Oh .. thats a must in my closet! I have 3, hope i have more ! I think they are so cute. Exist so many types! Its so romantic . For me its something basic!

And finally, the GALAXY PRINT. I think everyone love this print. Im totally in love. No words. Its like sky for me isn't limit. My limit is the universe!