Lovely July Looks ♥

i choose this looks after a search of new trends.. and i like this 6 ones.
idk, but i think they're so stunning. Make sets makes me happy. And this mouth of Jully i give some looks advices . Hope y enjoy


Psychedelic Dress

Oh , i totally in love with this dress. Somebody know where can i get this one or something like that?
the colors are perfect and the pattern.. looks like something psychedelic! Aw !

jeffrey campbell

this are my favorite boots: jeffrey campbell.. so many types like: rock, cute, goth, pastel, romantic, lolita... all style !

L'amour sur mes affaires.

I decide to take a picture of my special things . Here we can see my cell phone, it's a huawei x3 i freaking love it.. have everything i need. Now, wow.. My chanel addiction.. Have the famous perfume Nº5, my pink purse ♥ , a black and gold bracelet. Next i show my make up. I love that "ZARA" base and my H&M blush. Other must is my round glasses :) my ipod , and my canon cover. i love Nivea cream for my face and the coca-cola & sprite for my lips! This photo is so girly in my opinion.. Ah, here i have my Banana Art Factory Card , my diary'12, my neon nail polish colors and finally my m.a.c lipgloss! kisses*



Seems like 60's are coming back !! The cat eyes, ray ban aviator glasses, the john lennon are a must in this era.  Thats why i will never put my old fashion accessories and clothes on garbage. Fashion always back! I already have the round and the aviator glasses! Need to buy the cat eyes! When i have it i'll take a photo of them . 



Pretty hair , Pretty face, Pretty smile

The perfect magazine to Fashion Dreamers

i didn't knew this magazine. My friend CS show me some of them and its very interesting
It explaines you how to make clothes
Buy next month? Maybe :)


Burda Style  is a fashion magazine published in 16 different languages and in over 89 countries by Hubert Burda Media. Each issue of Burda Fashion contains patterns for each design in the issue. - Wikipedia


Trend 2012

I dont have  another words to describe how much i love this new trend. "Peter Pan's Collar" are so classic and so rockabilly at the same time. You can only adjust like you want. You can make it simple, like crochet or use spikes or make it studded. We have many types of collars: The round collar and the "V" style.
 i ♥ both of them and i will buy one for me coming soon and post it here :)       



Ronny Kobo

This is Ronny kobo. I dont know so much about her. But when i see her collection i'd fall in love.

Here they are some of my favorite clothes .. I love the pattern :)