Damsel Boots

 I was undecided whether or not buy these Damsel boots. But I bought. At the store there were two colors. Black and brown. I confess the brown boots were prettier, but as I use more black, i  bought the black ones. They are comfortable, but quite high, i mean alooot high lol. But it's only a matter of habit. ♥ 

 Favorite shoes here :)

Waiting for come


New ebay Tab. Check it. WORLDWIDE SHIPPING.

Next Hair Color

 Im so tired of my red hair and now everyone use or want it. I decided that I will change my color. And I'll opt for a dark green. Yesterday I bought a pack of 88ml of alpine green. Still not tried because the product hasn't arrived yet. When arrive, I will try out. It shouldn't take to much time  cause it comes from the UK. The brand's directions and i paid € 7.70 here. Before painting I have to buy one ink to lighten that doesn't contain peroxide. We shouldn't use on eyelashes because it contains chemicals that can infect or sight. Also we can not use SHAMPOO WITH CONDITIONER INCLUDED. Here is some photos about the color. 



Only thing that caught my attention was this pullover from Pull and Bear (15,99€). I love the colors and the quote. It's super well combined and reminds me of Pop Art :) wannnt



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Mermaid Leggings

Ok, I need this in my life. A true Ariel needs ur tail. I think I'll save money for these Black Milk.

Feels like paris

Galaxy Love

Start selling on ebay coming soon

I'm here to say that I will start selling soon my clothes on ebay. I know I have a "Shop" tab here on my site, but this tab is only for purchases within Portugal (Payment will be charged). So at ebay i will shop wordwide. The payment is only by PAYPAL transfer. I have vintage things like bags and shirt. I will sell jackets, skirts, pants, shorts, shoes.. everything. The pieces are unique and maybe i'll do some auctions and other ones buy it now.
When i open it i will post the link here. Stay tuned. ♥

want all


Sick of men

Here is a set of how I would use some Jeffrey Campbell (Sick of men boots).
* Shirt inside of pants
* If it's cold, use a leather black jacket with gold zipper


grunge style: inspiration

Cross Leggings

How to use cross leggings:

flowers in head

Crown Flowers is already a trend quite old. But it backs in high. Original from hippies and now predominates in grunge or boho style. Ideal for weddings, day by day .. etc.. These crowns are adaptable to any occasion. Furthermore, are well at any hair.. since black to pastel. You can get yours on Claires or other online stores. Also you can find a little inspiration and creativity and so do your own ( in the middle of the post explains how to do it ). I love to see and i want one. Although giving an air of innocence and purity, is very sexy and beauty.

How to do: